Susan Jackson


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Susan Jackson has worked in feature film distribution for over twenty years, holding executive positions in sales, acquisitions and marketing at The Samuel Goldwyn Company, Vestron, BBC, Goodtimes, Sony and BMG/Bertelsmann. Jackson has been the head of Home Video at Nickelodeon for Sony Wonder, VP of Acquisitions for BMG Home Entertainment, Head of BMG Independents and VP of Marketing for Good Times Entertainment.

In 1999, Jackson started indie sales company Turtles Crossing, LLC selling hundreds of films and TV shows to studios, TV channels and independent distributors in the USA. In 2002, Jackson was the Executive Producer of the hit indie film “Cabin Fever.”  She came on at script stage, brought in investors and sold the film to Lionsgate at the Toronto Film Festival.

In 2010, Jackson Co-Produced the indie comedy “Dirty Girl” starring Juno Temple, Milla Jovovich, Tim McGraw and William H. Macy. Jackson brought in the senior lender at script stage.  “Dirty Girl” sold as a North American theatrical release to The Weinstein Company after it premiered at the Toronto Film Festival for the largest sale of the festival.

Also in 2010, Jackson founded Freestyle Digital Media (FDM), a North American aggregator for Video On Demand (VOD).  FDM has direct VOD pipeline in both digital and cable VOD outlets.

Born in the UK, Jackson lives in Malibu, California and is an avid skier, tennis player and surfer.